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Jurisdictional updates

Working group updates

Regulated Product Submissions
Good Regulatory Review Practice
Adverse Event Terminology
Personalized Medical Devices
Medical Device Cybersecurity Guide
Software as a Medical Device
Good Machine Learning Practice
Quality Management Systems

Joint IMDRF/DITTA Workshop - the life cycle of medical devices: the importance of post-market-related activities

Lifecycle Approaches to Medical Devices - M Neumann (EU)
The life cycle of medical devices - P. Auclair (Abbott, GMTA
Safety notices and Vigilance - M. Tanakasemsub (DITTA)
Safety notices and Vigilance - Industry's perspective - N. Smith (GMTA)
Safety Notices and Vigilance - Healthcare professional perspective -You Kyoung Lee
Safety notices and Vigilance - Regulator's perspective - M.Torres (US)
Safety notices and Vigilance -Regulator's perspective - C.Driesmans (EU)
Safety Notices and Vigilance -Healthcare professional perspective - T. Wilton
Status of Global Acceptance of RWDRWE - H. Colvin (GMTA)
In vitro diagnostic perspective on RWD - E. Baumfeld Andre (GMTA)
Real World Evidence - T. Melvin (Trinity College Dublin)
Uses of Real World Evidence - E. Cutts (US)
Real World Evidence - S. Hoekstra (TUV SUD, EU NB)
Real World Evidence - Lyu Yunfeng (China)
PMS for software - K. Maquelin (GMTA)
Challenges and Opportunities when collecting or generating data for Digital medical devices - P. Baird (GMTA)
17. Common post-market issues faced with software and how to address them - R. Oberlin (EU)
AI specific post-market clinical follow-up endpoints - L Hovestadt (DITTA)
Bias in post-market phase - P. Baird (GMTA)
Specific post-market considerations for AI MDs - R. Sethuraman (SG)
Specific post-market considerations for AI MDs -Change Management - M Finocchio (GMTA)
Specific post-market considerations for AI MDs - L-A. Farmer (AU)
Specific post-market considerations for AI MDs - Hae Ung Lee (DITTA)