Yekaterinburg, Russia

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Yekaterinburg, Russia


Presentation - Medical AI in Skolkovo Global market launch for Russian startups
Presentation - Perspectives and Regulatory Considerations for AI based Medical Devices
Presentation - World Health Organization plans for using big data and Artificial Intelligence to achieving universal health coverage
Presentation - Regulatory framework on medical devices using AI technology in Russia
Presentation - The Development of policy measures on medical devices using AI technology in Japan
Presentation - Overview of AI Standardization Activities
Presentation - Experience of using products based on artificial intelligence in the Yamal Healthcare
Presentation - Experience in testing and comparing different solution based on Artificial Intelligence for the Moscow health service
Presentation - Preparation and conduct clinical trials for an Artificial Intelligence-based clinical decision support system
Presentation - How Industry can cope with challenges
Presentation - Industry Responsibility and Liability
Presentation - Introduction to review points for decision - making medical device software using deep learning technology
Presentation - Regulatory challenges for AI - a European RA perspective
Presentation - Industry overview on regulatory challenges
Presentation - Applying Advanced Technology in Clinical Practice
IMDRF Presentation - Stakeholder - Ministry of industry and trade of Russia
IMDRF Presentation - Stakeholder - WHO Update
IMDRF Presentation - Stakeholder - APEC Update
IMDRF Presentation - Stakeholder - AHWP Update
IMDRF Presentation - Stakeholder - PAHO Update
IMDRF Presentation - Stakeholder - DITTA Update
IMDRF Presentation - Stakeholder - GMTA Update
IMDRF Presentation - Stakeholder - IAMT Update
IMDRF Presentation - Stakeholder - IMEDA Update
IMDRF Presentation - Stakeholder - Abbott laboratories Update

Working group updates

Regulated Products Submission
Adverse Event Terminology and Coding
Good Regulatory Review Practices
Standarts Working Group
Personalized Medical Devices
Medical Device Clinical Evaluation
Medical Device Cybersecurity
Principles on In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Classification